For those who said I would never be on a sports team, I'm the captain of the Volleyball team at my school.
For those who said you'll never find someone like you who understand you cause you're too weird because of your ADD (attention deficit disorder), well go to hell cause I found someone. With ADHD and he understands it so much and we`re always kidding about running away and changing the world and become presidents of it and people would call us ADHD presidents.

I love myself so much. And it's selfish. I know. But I long waited for someone to always be there for me. And I got myself. And myself is awesome and isn't scared of what people think, or if they judge. In fact, myself loves that people judge me. Cause that means they know I exist. And I'm proud of that.

Love yourself no matter what others say. You are awesome, and you have to live with your perks. So you can either cry about them, or you can laugh and have fun with those perks. I for long ignored the ADD conversations and never told anyone. And then I realized how this is who I am. So f*ck them...

Because yes, I am ADD.
Yes, I'm goofy.
Yes, I'm weird.
Yes, I talk loudly.
Yes, I can be annoying.
Yes, I don't fit into the crowd.
Yes, I don't want to fit in the crowd.
Yes, I run in the malls with my friends and play around
Yes, I go to Tim Hortons at 1 in the morning in my pyjama's.
Yes, I talk at the movies and throw Pop Corn at my friends.
Yes, I get always told to grow up.
Yes, I'm immature in some way.
Yes, I'm crazy.
Yes, I'm funny some say.
Yes, I'm a kid.
And yes, that is never going to change.

My name is Elena Francesqua Poirier Grun. I am ADD and proud to say it out loud. It's a lifestyle and a really good conversation topic to laugh about. And I am proud of it.

Cause if I wasn't ADD,
I wouldn't be me.
So deal with me.


review 05.02.2018 :
oh. my. fucking. god. this is so beautiful... how did i- i was so confident! what happened! i am so confused right now...