i realized i never introduced myself so here ya go

hey i’m tyler, but most people call me tyler.
yeah my name isn’t the easiest name to fetch a nickname out of (i have enough problems with people assuming i’m a guy) but people who don’t call me tyler call me tyrone, tt, and bad things behind my back.
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lol idk what people say behind my back but tbh i haven’t given anyone reasons to say anything bad so that’s gucci.
i’m a southern california girl. i’m 15 years old and a christian. as of right now though i’m online-schooled. i’ve really been finding myself lately and although being away from public school is less social, i feel like this has been a good change in my life.
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i’ve always been very wary of singing in front of people (stemming from a fear of not being good enough) but trust me as soon as you leave i’m belting my lungs out. i also love Jesus, my family, christmas, horror movies, writing, music, the beach, video production, hgtv, reading, photography, and i want to get into music production hopefully within this next month.
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i’m one of five full siblings but i also have three half siblings who i wish i had better relationships with.
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my parents are both happily married and my moms actually about to be a published author. i’m super excited for her book to come out and i’ll let you guys know more about it when the time comes. this book is really going places y’all. (it’s mainly black characters and its soooo well written)
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