I love moodboards!!

I have one at home which I play around with. Depending on my mood I put different photos up. For instance if I am in a bad mood I put funny quotes and photos on it to make me laugh. I am not a negative person so I turn negativity around as quickly as possible. If I am saving up for something I keep that photo up as an inspiration of my goal. Presently I am working towards looking good for the summer in my bikini so those photos go up. I put anything and everything on my moodboard. Although on a bad day something moody will go up too. Basically it is just something I do for fun. Try one yourself.

Here are some photos I might use....

beauty, girl, and brunette image blonde, girl, and ponytail image beach, summer, and bikini image blonde, girl, and ponytail image blonde, fashion, and girl image girl, adidas, and skateboard image bff, brunette, and friendship image overthinking, aesthetic, and quotes image wallpaper, yellow, and background image no, grunge, and pale image

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