Hi everyone! For today’s article, I will be sharing some tips for how you can be a better procrastinator! (Before you burn hundreds of calories by jumping to conclusions, please read bottom.) Also, I have decided to stop writing articles based on a schedule (like only Mondays and Thursdays), so I can really just write whenever I’d like. I’ll still write 2 (or 3) times a week, but just putting that out there.

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1. Find Other Hobbies

We often procrastinate because there are other (more important) things that have to be done. If you find more hobbies and interests, you’ll spend more time doing that certain activity, rather than what you’re actually supposed to be working on. You’ll also be more likely to lose track of time when doing something unjoyable, thus procrastinating.

2. Take Your Time

When you drag the day out or work for hours on a part that doesn’t really mater, you’re procrastinating. Don’t feel obligated to rush things.

3. Know Why You Aren’t Doing It

When you procrastinate, you’re probably doing so because you don’t want to do it. Maybe it’s a homework assignment, or just cleaning your room. Whatever it is, remind yourself why you dislike it in the first place. This will “inspire” you to continue procrastinating.

4. Know The Due Date

When you are rushed to finished a project because it’s due the next day or sometime nearby, you’ll want to work on it sooner. However, if it’s not until a month or at least a week, don’t do it. You have so much time to spare, so do whatever you want, and finish later.

5. Get Creative

There are so many ways to spend your time. No matter how useless it is, it’s procrastination. You could stare out at the snow falling or just walk up and down the stairs in your house fifty times. No matter what you are doing, if you are not doing what you’re supposed to be, you’ve nailed procrastination.

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6. Anticipate

Know what’s coming for the future, and get excited! This could be as simple as just looking at your TV channel and finding what programs will be coming next. You’ll know you have things to do then, and therefore won’t be concerned about your duties.

7. Have Friends

Friends will forever keep you company, so you’ll lose track of time. If it’s a family member, a classmate or just your neighbor, I’m sure you’ll have fun doing various activities!

8. Take Advantage Of Electronics

The media is always blowing up with new news and ads. If you have the storage and feel just the slightest of interest, download more games! I’m positive you’ll be addicted to at least one of them, and you could spend hours playing. Also, Netflix exists now, so binge-watch or re-watch some shows!

9. Forget

If you want to procrastinate, simply forgetting all about it will do just the trick. Don’t write things in your agenda or calendar, or block out all reminders or things that will trigger your memory.

10. Know It’s Beneficial

If you ever feel guilty of not being productive, remind yourself that this is just one of the best ways to teach yourself living in the moment. Stress and anxiety isn’t good for you, so procrastination is actually beneficial in the long run.

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That’s it for today! For this article, I’m not being serious (obviously), because personally I think it’s not good to be a procrastinator. I am a procrastinator, which isn’t the best thing and I wish I could change that. (I currently have a 3-page homework assignment due tomorrow and I haven’t started.) But, if you are someone who gets stressed easily over projects and assignments, maybe some of these tips will help you. Anyways, thank you so much for reading!

~ Caylie