Hey everyone! Welcome back to my articles. This article will consist of some of my favorite clothing stores.

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ZARA - probably my favorite store. They have amazing pants and tops of so many different styles. Best time to visit: during their sales! Almost everything is up to 70% off and the clothes are still in style!
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Forever 21 - inexpensive store. Sometimes It’s hard to find really nice pieces without all of the extra writing, but their stuff are fairly cheap and they have sales all of the time.
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H&M - racial scandal aside, they do have really great quality clothes. Sometimes, their clothes can get expensive, but what they do have is always trendy.
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Topshop - I love topshop, but it is incredible pricey. I go here only during times they have huge sales, but even then some clothes are out of style. Their jeans, though, are absolutely amazing and worth the price.

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