#5 California

~ good vibes, palm trees, beach, beautiful nature, land of dreams ~

summer, sunset, and beach image summer, sky, and palms image sky, palms, and summer image travel, road, and nature image

#4 Spain

~ history, architecture, scenery ~

madrid, spain, and sky image nature, summer, and amitrips image Barcelona and spain image beach, blue, and life image

#3 Maldives

~ amazing landscape, summer forever ~

beach, beauty, and blue image sea, ocean, and beach image Maldives image sea, beach, and night image

#2 Switzerland

~ adventure, breathtaking scenery, mountains ~

photography and nature image switzerland and travel image hotel, mountains, and nature image Image by ♕Audrey♕

#1 Paris

~ history, architecture, sightseeing, culture ~

paris, travel, and france image paris, travel, and france image architecture, balcony, and building image architecture, france, and travel image