i don't know what is true. i don't know how we should live. this life, who waits to be lived, who belongs to each of us, makes me tired. this is gonna be weird because i'm 22 but i guess i find the "thing". the thing is to live simply. desiring so much so many things makes human tired and damages the values that make human, human. this is destroying the simplicity. human is simple. humans live together and until they die, they dally away; but in the meantime, somethings bad happen. injustice, murders, attacks, terrorism, diseases, hunger, evil... evil. yes. people do bad things. nature is not enough to bad things happen. and maybe, the devil. i don't know. all i can say ultimately is "we are not living thoroughly.". we are trying to keep everything under control to be happy but this is not normal. we are just humans. we have a capacity. and i wanna ask to you, happiness can be possible when things gonna be like exactly what you want? no. you already know it, right? always, we will always look for something different. plus, no one can be happy at the same time. this is showing to us now, life doesn't mean happiness. thus, we can't reach happiness buying something. then what? what you gain? respect? love? the matter or the source of life? really, what??! and you know that you can live with less than you have... maybe you are not a beautiful girl but you can't buy all cosmetic products and you can't wear the most beautiful clothes. and i am sure that you haven't got the most beautiful hair in the world. this is bullshit. fuck it. please just fuck it. what are you doing? what is that? what kind of life style is making to you? are you blind or stupid? you have not an incredible talent and you can't have the capability all of the coolest things in the world. you can't be rich to always buy diors, chanels. this is not your life. it shouldn't be honey. and this is not a self improvement text. you musn't be the person like what capitalism or whatever wants to. you have already read all of this. you know what i'm talking about. you are not a robot who lives for others. whatever. like i said just live simply. you are smart enough to be self-supporting and make yourself and others happy without money. and i don't know you believe god or something but it doesn't matter, for all who can see, the things to be thankful are everywhere. the rain is for all of us. a beautiful lake between the mountains, the fresh air, good people, pretty animals, the day and the night, the sun and the moon, the wind are for all of us. you know it. the effort you make to have things that others have is worthless. you can't be the lawyer, the artist, the writer you admire. just live this life learning something, loving someone who deserves it, making happy and making some cookie for people you love, knowing that the snow and the sun will come for us. don't forget the death you can't run. maybe we have a simple life or we will live several times; start here to give meaning to the life. read philosophy instead of poems or novels at once. read holy books, for example the quran. uhm, i don't know... i don't consist of only the things what are given or imposed to me. i am human and i can think. i choose whatever i believe or i don't believe, not the society and the traditions. this is my life and i prefer a cup of tea instead of being a kardashian.