Hello! Today I'll be sharing with you a few tips on writing articles. I'm no expert writer, I cannot 100% guarantee you that these tips will work for any other forms of writing like books or essays. These are just simple, useful tips ( some I've learnt from other writers, while others are from my own experience ) for any beginner whi writers or just anyone that wants to improve their whi articles. Without further ado, let's get started ...

✎ 1 Do not force yourself to write topics that you're not interested in!

There are endless things that us writers can write about, but if a certain topic doesn't interest you or you just don't feel comfortable writing it, then don't. Don't worry - if you feel like exploring that one topic someday, trust me, you WILL come back to it eventually. Don't force yourself to write something that you won't read or enjoy for the mere sake of ( for example ) fulfilling your readers' requests. I know from experience that writing topics that I'm not interested in will only drain my inspiration and creativity juices.

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Personally I'm not good at writing fashion or makeup related articles and I'm perfectly fine with sticking to the topics I'm better at, so for now I'll only write fashion articles if I'm tagged. I'm also not comfortable with topics like poetry and trends, so I don't write them. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I won't explore said topics and try to write them in the future!

✐ 2 Try new topics to write about!

Listen... first of all, this is NOT contradicting my first point. What I mean is that you should always try to write things that you 1 feel like exploring and / or 2 am comfortable with. If you're a story teller, trying poetry for the first time is a great experience. There's so many different writing forms that you can learn and test out, which is why writing is never a dull process ( even school essays. they don't have a dull process. but they do have a miserable process,,, ). If you write advice articles like I do, maybe try giving reviews on books, recommend songs and movies... whatever you feel like trying.

Don't just stick to one type of topic - posting multiple types here can help you gain the attention from readers that are seeking out a certain type of article. Everyone enjoys different topics, so it's really good to branch out if you're willing to try.

Here are some great articles by my friends that I personally love. I don't usually write articles regarding the topics that they've touched on ( I wish I could, though ), but they did an amazing job!!

✎ 3 Take advantage of writing tools

For whi articles, we can make words bold or italic. We can include links to other users and articles, share quotes and lists, etc. Use them more if you feel like your article is too long or boring! Add images too, there are endless beautiful pictures that you can find here on whi. These tools are a huge help in making your articles more interesting and enjoyable to read.

✐ 4 Don't be afraid to reach out for help

For any beginner writers or writers that want to explore more topics to write about, don't be afraid to let your friends read your drafts. Constructive criticism might just be the key to helping you improve your work. You can also feel free to ask a fellow whi writer for advice on improving the article you've written. You'll never know - a few small and simple tips from others might go a long way.

✎ 5 Don't stop your inspiration flow

Keep reading. Keep learning. Keep finding other amazing articles on here that might just inspire you. There are many great writers here and you can honestly spend hours on here reading their work.

✐ 6 Writer's block

Ah, the struggle that all writers can relate to. You can either pause your writing and try to seek inspiration elsewhere before resuming or you can stop your writing and take a break.

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Forcing yourself to battle through writer's block isn't always a good idea, personally it exhausts me even more if I try to write without any inspiration or ideas. It's better to just give yourself a mental break - who knows, something or someone might inspire you to get back to writing when you least expect it.

✎ 7 Research isn't the only way to go

Yes, with researching, you can learn anything and everything you want. However, another way to improve your writing is to go outside and live your life - gain new knowledge in person instead of through a computer screen, interact with others to get to know their perspective on certain things, make new memories that you can write about.

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The possibilities that might inspire you when you decide to seek inspiration IRL and not just online WILL change your writing immensely.

✐ 8 Practice, practice, practice

I'm not going to tell you that ' practice makes perfect ' because, no, I believe that the writing process never ends and every writer is just constantly trying to strive towards improvement, not ' perfection '. But practicing your writing is SO helpful.

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Don't just write an article when you decide that it's time to post one. Whenever you have spare time on your hands, sit down and practice writing whatever you feel like writing. As long as you're practicing, your writing will always be improved.

✎ 9 Take your time to edit

You should always reread and edit your work. Honestly speaking, I'm sure that most of us don't want to read something with an overwhelming amount of wrong grammar usage, misspelled words, wrong punctuation, etc. If you're not strong in English, get a friend to help you scan through your work for mistakes.

✐ 10 Focus on your progress and process, not numbers

Stop worrying about the views, reads, hearts etc. Yes, it might be an amazing feeling if your article blows up, but nothing matters more than the writer enjoying his or her writing process.

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If you don't enjoy writing, yet you write for the sake of numbers, you'll feel discouraged easily.

✎ 11 Don't be a horrible person!!!

Don't plagiarize. That simple. You WILL improve your writing if you're willing to try, and people WILL read your original work. Copying someone's work when they've already published it ... why would readers want to read a second unoriginal copy?

Getting inspiration from others' work is perfectly fine, just give credit where it's due. Just remember that everyone's trying to improve their own writing, so there's no need for any sort of competition!! Support your fellow writer friends in their work and they'll definitely help you and support you with your own writing too.

That's it! I hope you find these tips useful. All the best in your writing journey, and feel free to send me a postcard to share YOUR writing tips or if you have any other questions about article writing. I haven't been reading much articles recently, so go ahead and send me some of your articles, I'd love to check them out when I have the time to!!!

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