AFOS is a hiphop boygroup currently without labbel. They debuted with six members in 2016, but currently have three members.

Current members:
Zett (Park Seunggyu): rap. Applied to The Unit
Trigga/HU (Min Junghu): rap and vocal. He produces for the group and is a former member of NOM (No Other Man). Applied to The Unit.
Jooen (Choi Junyoung): rap and maknae. He participated in Produce 101 and was/is also a part of In4mal.

Former members:
BK (Baek Seungheon): vocal. He is also associated with In4mal. He played in Hi! School: Love On.
Beagle (Jang Taegyu): vocal
Aknow (Do Sangseung): rap

STL Entertainment announced the group was no longer part of their label ince they couldn't deliver the requested videos/songs. What is going to happen to AFOS is unknown to me.

Trigga is also a solo act, but I couldn't find the audio of his songs.