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Today I'm very happy to write a new article! You're more and more following me so I'm doing this article in order to give you informations about me!
The challenge is very trendly on WHI now, and I love to read this kind of article!
If you don't know, I'm french, so, I'm sorry for the mistakes!

➳ S T Y L E
black clothes car Superthumb
➳ C O L O R S
blue aesthetic aesthetic animal
➳ P A S S I O N S
book camera Superthumb article
➳ A N I M A L S
adorable animal animal tiger
➳ F O O D
dinner Superthumb banana Superthumb
➳ T V S H O W S
la casa de papel Superthumb Superthumb couple boy aliens
➳ B O O K S
Superthumb book book book
➳ P E O P L E
rio bowie lauren cohan KAYA SCODELARIO
➳ P E R S O N A L I T Y
funny cigarette Superthumb crush
➳ G O A L S A N D D R E A M S
city Superthumb