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Today I'm very happy to write a new article! You're more and more following me so I'm doing this article in order to give you informations about me!
The challenge is very trendly on WHI now, and I love to read this kind of article!
If you don't know, I'm french, so, I'm sorry for the mistakes!

➳ S T Y L E
black, boot, and outfit image fashion, dress, and outfit image outfit and girl image coffee, fashion, and denim image
➳ C O L O R S
waves, sea, and ocean image sky, pink, and clouds image aesthetic, red, and heart image Image removed
➳ P A S S I O N S
book and reading image photo, picture, and grunge image laptop, sims, and sims4 image netflix, article, and series image
➳ A N I M A L S
Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee blue, paradise, and swimming image Image by Helena🌸 tiger image
➳ F O O D
food, fast food, and dinner image delicious, dinner, and food image food, chocolate, and pancakes image food, tacos, and yummy image
➳ T V S H O W S
la casa de papel image couple, otp, and zombies image dynasty, fallon carrington, and cristal carrington image skins, couple, and Effy image boy, quotes, and happiness image that 70s show, aliens, and grunge image
➳ B O O K S
bibliophile, book, and bookworm image book, livro, and Stephen King image book, the hunger games, and mockingjay image book and the one image
➳ P E O P L E
rio image david bowie, music, and bowie image Image by Gabi KAYA SCODELARIO, skins, and teresa image
➳ P E R S O N A L I T Y
Image by DO-HA cigarette, quotes, and smoke image day, positive, and positivity image friends, crush, and quotes image
➳ G O A L S A N D D R E A M S
city, la, and los angeles image bed, book, and comfortable image