A quick note to say thank you. Because of you lovely people, I've reached 300 followers. I'm also happy to know some of my articles made it into the articles channel. I'm really glad you like what I'm sharing with you here.


Today, I looked at some photos that reminded me of good times from a few years back. They were about moments when I was happy and felt free. Truth be told, they are about concerts I went to, bands I love and that I got to meet. It's also about times when I got noticed on social medias by many which, of course, made me happy. It always make me smile and this is all a part of what keeps me going when I have a tough day... but while they can give me that happiness, it also makes me sad.

I was so broken back then. I wasn't mentally stable. I was struggling, life was tough. I don't like thinking about this side of things, but I can see it on the photos. I can see it on my face that I wasn't at my best and I hate that. I hate that I let things and people hurt me. I hate that I wasn't strong enough to find the strength to push all the bad thoughts aside. I hate that I let them affect me.

While being noticed is a good thing, it can cheer you up for a moment, but eventually it disappears. That's when you want more. You don't want them to just say hi or to simply see your message without a word. You don't want a follow without something more, without wanting them to write you. You want to have a connection with them. You want to be reassured that they know who you are. You want them to know they mean a lot to you, that they changed your life. You want so much, yet you are never truly happy with it.

I had to take a step back. Am I thankful for getting to meet the people I love? Of course. Am I thankful for all the times I was noticed by one of these amazing people? Of course. I wouldn't take it back, but I would do it differently. I do it differently. I don't try to get noticed, I say what I want without pressure. If they see it and write back or anything, it makes me happy. If they don't, well what can I do? They all have a busy life and I shouldn't feel bad when I can understand their situations. I can understand the fact that you don't always want to write back or just to say something. Sometimes you just appreciate things without a word and it is okay.

What I'm saying is... Please don't expect anything from the ones that you love and you won't be disappointed. You don't have to do crazy things just to get noticed. See, I've been often getting a message at a random time, when I wasn't trying. Just say things you love, but don't force things. Don't send constantly the same message. It's not fun to receive copy of the same thing nonstop. I know you might want to insist, but take it easy. Whenever they are online, send it and that might just be your chance. Don't feel bad if they don't see you and if you haven't met them yet, you can always meet them when they will come to a city near you. The time will come. You will find that happiness, but don't let it become an addiction. Don't let it consume your life. Be thankful that it happened and you will feel better.

If you read this, thank you. This is one of the most honest message I've ever shared. Thank you.