I'm not saying you must love these things but they're pretty special.

sea, blue, and Greece image
1- The sea

One of the most beautiful things of God's creation is the sea. Not all oceans are the same but that's the thing with beautiful things; they don't always look like this.

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2- Music

Music is a beautiful thing. Sometimes and not every song can but sometimes a song can speak to a broken heart.

flowers flowers
3- Flowers

I think flowers are so beautiful, to be honest that's it.

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4- Pretty buildings

Not all buildings can look beautiful but buildings like this scream elegance and beauty.

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5- Late night baths

The best kind of relaxation, except for a spa day is a late night bath, you don't have to have roses or any bath bombs but nice dim lighting with candles and your hair up can be the best feeling in the world.

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6- Books

I think the best thing to do instead of late night baths and dipping your feet in the ocean, is reading a good book that makes you happy or possibly one that makes you cry, because it's always good too have a good cry.

animal animal
7- Horses

When a horse is truly loved, it's one of the greatest creatures in the world.

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8- God

It's not embarrassing too love God, he will never hate you no matter what wrong you do. When we die we'll be with the one who loved us the most and it's not a religion it's a relationship.

animal animal
9- Puppies

I mean, they're puppies, sometimes annoying but their sweetness and adorable face always win me over.

dance ballet
10- Dancing

It doesn't have to be ballet or club dancing or perfect, any dancing that makes you happy is the best dancing in the world

balloons grease lindsay lohan cinderella
11- Movies

Movies to watch before you die:

Cinderella [old version but new is still incredible just not as special]
Beauty and the Beast [Old version]
The Breakfast Club
Top Gun
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Snow White and the seven dwarves
My Girl
The Outisders
IT [the reason why I say this, not too scare you and of-course don't watch if you're not a fan of scary films, I just love this film, old and new because it shows what true friendship is like]
The Goonies
Forrest Gump [This is the greatest film I have ever seen, trust me you'll love it]
Surf's Up
Rain Man
And Finally Any film that makes you smile