Okay, so it´s obvious I´m gonna continue doing these challenges. They´re just so much fun for me! So here we go.

My name is JOANA

J: Jade

bottle, green, and drink image boat, water, and canoe image aesthetic, fire, and green image girl, green, and aesthetic image thrift shop, thrift, and green image cooking image

O: Orchid

pink, smoke, and grunge image aesthetic, angel, and kiss image Image by mhm wallpaper, sky, and stars image flowers, pink, and white image crystal reed, teen wolf, and allison argent image

A: Aquamarine
(I don't think this is the right shade actually but whatever)

stars, light, and blue image blue image blue, shabby chic, and white image time, hourglass, and blue image ice cream, food, and blue image blue, tan, and water image

N: Navy

fashion, black, and outfit image photography image girl, hair, and blonde image book, blue, and ravenclaw image aesthetic, alternative, and photography image Image by katt

A: Amber

autumn, fall, and tree image Image by Wendy girl, study, and motivation image tea, aesthetic, and drink image animals and owl image nature and summer image