I love makeup so much, it is such a fun way to switch up your look and feel refreshed. Eyeshadow is a crucial part to any makeup lovers makeup kit and there are so many amazing ways to do your eyes. It is very beneficial to know some of the best eyeshadow tones, colours and shapes to accentuate your eye colour and really make it 'pop'.


Brown eyes are dark and enchanting. When you are creating an eyeshadow look for brown eyes your aim is normally to lighten them and create a contrast between the lid, the lower lash line and waterline, this is done by using colours which pop to ensure any colours within the brown, tints of hazel or lighter brown are drawn to the surface and help create an amazing makeup look.

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1. Silver
Silver is a great colour which is cool toned and really brings out the warmth of brown eyes. Doing a silver toned smokey eye with a nice thick winged eyeliner can look sexy and 90's

2. Brown/ Neutral
This is a simple, plain yet stunning makeup look. I love wearing nudes because they are so versatile to any outfit or time of the day. If im dressing up ill place a bold colour on my lower lash line to create contrast and get a vibrant effect against the nude eyeshadow.

3. Green, Purple or Teal
Wearing green eyeshadow can trick the image of your eyes as appearing lighter or even hazel at glance. Wearing a green eyeliner on your lower lid or under your lower lash line can look amazing. I am not such a fan of purple, green and teal eyeshadow, but going for a bold look can be stunning to bring out your eyes. Since purple and teal are colours which will suit any eye or hair colour, these are safe colours to use to create a dramatic look.

4. Yellow, Orange and Red
Yellow red and orange makeup looks definitely have to be one of my favourites. These colours are perfect for summer and they make me feel awake and bring light to my face if I have dark shadows or don't feel vibrant. The best bronze colours for brown/dark brown eyes are coppers.

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Since hazel eyes can appear many different colours when paired with different eyeshadows which bring out sensitive hues of colour and tone within the eye, the possibilities are wide when choosing the best eyeshadow to wear with hazel eyes. Hazel eyes definitely experience the best of all worlds, touches of browns, dark blues and greens or even greys. Hazel eyes dabble in all the ponds of eyeshadow possibilities. With Hazel eyes you can pretty much try any colour eyeshadow which suits brown, green or blue eyes.

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1. Browns and Nude Tones
Plain and neutral colours do a great job of sticking to the natural warmth of the hazel eye colour. Nudes are a subtle way to accentuate that depth and warmth of the eye.

2. Bronze and Gold
Just as nudes and browns do, wearing a bronzed or golden eyeshadow look really brings out those brown tones in your eyes creating a honey warm look to your eyes.

3. Green
Since Hazel eyes are basically green, most would agree. Green eyeshadow will just show off the green tones way more. Olive or emerald green are great colours to effortlessly show your green side.

4. Purple
Since purple is a complimentary colour on the colour scale to green, of course a purple eyeshadow would look stunning on hazel eyes. Dark purples and maroons work wonders, and maybe even a reddish tone.

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Blue eyes, I've always wished to have them, but everyone normally seems to wish for what they don't have. Blue eyes are light and majestic. The colours you use can really just add to the natural tones instead of bringing any extra colours out of them, since blue is already a light colour.

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1. Orange
Orange is a great way to show contrast between your makeup and your eye colour. Orange is a bright bold colour, much like blue eyes so they go hand in hand and really compliment each other.

2. Browns and Nudes
Browns and nudes really go without saying, everyone can look sensational in them. They are simple ways to either play down a look, or add to it by applying maybe a shimmer on the center of the lid.

3. Gold
Gold eyeshadow is the colour of a queen. The gold makes blue eyes look like a river against a sunset, and the look is stunning. Honestly I think it looks goddess like.

4. Purples and Blues
Purples and blues are both complementary colours to blue eyes. They create a more playful look to the eye if kept pastel toned, but more of an edge if the look is created with darker/metallic tones.

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Green eyes are so beautiful, being the most rare eye color, they are definitely eyes you want to draw attention to. Green eyes, like blue are light and you want to enhance their natural glow of colour.

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1. Pink
Pink eyeshadow looks amazing against green eyes. The pink plays a big contrast and adds a feminine touch to the look. The pink brings a warmth out of the eye colour, much like nudes and browns.

2. Green
Green is the most obvious colour to wear with green eyes. Green will make your eyes look as green as possible. Dark greens can can look amazing when placed as an eyeliner along the water line.

3. Blue
A dark blue can look amazing. The darker the blue, the more 'royale' the look can become. A dark blue gives off a very chic, dramatic and gorgeous touch to a makeup look.

4. Bronze and Peach
Bronzed toned eyeshadows can show off the warmth in your eye colour, while also giving a golden touch to the eye. A peach eyeshadow is more subtle version of this, giving off a warm touch.

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Hope you either learnt something, or reinforced how amazing your eyes look with certain colours. I am not a makeup artist, I have friends who study makeup and also youtube....guilty.

xo Mia