Hello there, it´s me again C.

I really want to do one thing, but I don´t know.
I really want to write about the things that happened to me, like a blog, I want this to be my blog.

black and white, inspiration, and iphone image

So, what do you think?
I don´t want to be rude with the next thing, but I don´t really care if someone is against me writing a blog here, because I´m gonna do it, is like a dream for me, and dreams can be true if you work on them, things happen because you do something, and I´m gonna do it.

So if you are interested in reading how my life is like a novel, you are welcome to read, if you don´t want to know about my life, but you liked the articles I write before you can stay because I´m gonna still writing things like that, but if you don´t like both, you can go, I´m not going to judge you, you are free.

Image by Ella Hilton

Please let me know what you think, I´m gonna try to post every day.

Love you lovers.
Be happy.

xoxo C.