It's my personal top 5 Stephen King books

1. It

red, balloons, and aesthetic image Mature image art, horror, and it image Houses image

2. The Shining

house, hotel, and colombia image Stanley Kubrick and The Shining image The Shining and 1980 image black and white, films, and gif image
The Shining

3. Four past midnight

airplane, sky, and travel image green, statue, and nature image 90s, alternative, and book image car, instant film, and instant camera image
Four past midnight

4. Under the Dome

under the dome and dome image woman, under the dome, and quote image angie, the, and are image under the dome image
Under the Dome

5. Misery

black and white, fear, and lonely image mystery, neon, and quotes image book, misery, and Stephen King image fog and green image