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So I think about it and why not? And now I'm here to do this pretty good challenge that I found here and read it, and I found it cool. I like writing and I want to write much and much more articles here. These are pretty good and I really like this update when WHI updated this and now I love the emoji reactions, awesome!
Also I don't know if I could write every day an article, but I wanna do my best.

I hope you will like it, let's begin it!

1 - List 20 random facts about yourself-

- For Christmas I became a very pretty cool lava lamp, and I really-really love it! Like so much!

- Yesterday I bought two very cool shirts. The first, Batman logo is on it, and the second, on it are many Star Wars Stormtroopers and the one and only Darth Vader. It looks cool!

- I want to refresh my wardrobe from now, really-really. And I wanna put cool shirt and pants, like in the previous fact.

- Writing is my all time favorite hobby of all time! That's why I start writing here.

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This is it

- I am proud if it, so I'm a serial addict! Who's with me?

- A great wolf and werewolf lover!

- I love watching DIY vids and doing some of the really cool ones, actually there are pretty much.

- I love nail polishes, but I am too lazy to put on them.

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- I have a cool blue bagpack and also a camo bag

- I watch Jessie Paege on youtube like 2 years ago and now I watch her again and I really like her. Like she's my fav youtuber!

- I workout at home and I like it.

- I don't like mushrooms...they are just the worst vegetables...

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- My favorite book is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I loved it, so-so much!

- I write stories on wattpad and I love it.

- Nowaydays I also listen to Hannah Montana songs yet.

- I love to decorate my room with such cool and cute things.

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- My favorite color is BLUE. That's my best.

- I want to be a zombie hunter. Biggest dream, haha.

- I sleep with my one and only loving pillow, which is from my love.

- I really-really hate skirts and dresses. Haha

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I hope you liked this pretty crazy article about my lovely person. Haha...
If you liked it, please leave something to let me know is you do or not. And if you want something, like questions or something else, just send me a postcard or messege me. Then, bye you lovely person who read this and have a good day or night. Bye.