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...with everyone at least something unlikely so happens ...

If every misfortune that is happening in this world brought me to a nervous breakdown, I would have long since flown off the coils ...

Margot loved all sorts of riddles. Afterwards, I often thought that maybe that's why she herself became a mystery girl.

Margot is a closed vessel of perfection that does not and can not have any flaws.

There is nothing more boring than other people's dreams.

  He probably had all the strings in his soul, "she explained.

  Do you know that for a long time, that is, almost the entire history of mankind, the average life expectancy was less than thirty years? It turns out, the normal adult life lasted about ten years, right? Nobody thought about retirement at all. On the career too. Nobody planned anything at all. At this time no one had. I mean, for the future. And then suddenly the life expectancy began to grow, the people had a future, and now people almost all the time only think about it. About the future, that is. And all life is as it were. You're doing something just for the future. You graduate from school to go to college so that later the work would be better to buy a bigger house so that the money would be enough for your children to go to college so that they could have a better job so that they could buy a bigger house so that they could have enough money send their children to college.

  - I was always surprised that someone starts to muddle with someone just because he likes the look. It's like that the breakfast cereal is not to choose, but by the color of the package.

-... That's ugly: yes, you do not see rust, cracked paint, or anything else from here, but you see the whole city as it is. How fake he is. Such a plastic is not difficult to do. Or cut out of paper. Well, look, Q all these dead ends, the streets, which close themselves to themselves, all these buildings are temporary. In paper houses live paper people and heat their own future. Paper children are slashing beer, bought by some bum in a paper deli. And everyone is obsessed with how to get more junk. And the stuff is all thin and frail, like paper. And people are the same.

  Near everything is uglier.
No, this does not apply to you.