Hello Hearters,

It's the day 7, the day in which this challenge celebrates some of self-love. That's why I wanna talk about three things I love about myself and it is a very long and bad period to find something I like, but I'll try.
Some people, like me, with low-self esteem have a negative vision about themselves and, as part of them, I think is very important taking time to explore what we like about ourselves, something therapeutc.
So, let's start it.

1) My red hair.

red, hair, and red hair image long hair, red hair, and long red hair image
I fucking love my red hair. I wanted to dye my hair since 2011, but my parents weren't agree, then I got ill and I couldn't do it anymore. I did it officially in 2013, even if my hair where so short and it was a great conquer for me. I love them esteatically, I love that this color express my personality and at the same time give me another vision of myself and I love them because it is my conquer.

2) My different vision of life.

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Since I had been ill I changed my full vision of life. For example I don't make projects for long time because everything could change in a minute. I give importance just to the IMPORTANT THINGS. Important things are not grades, is not get angry with a friend and hate him for the rest of your life, is not working and stressing yourself without enjoy your life and all the little things. Living on this way is useless. The important things are health, taking care of yourself, spend time with people you love. Trust me, take your life more easly, you will live better. It is also something that my aunt taught to me and it's something in which I believe. GIVE IMPORTANCE JUST TO THE IMPORTANT THINGS. It's a lesson, but it's also a part of personality.

3) I finish what I started.

I am lazy? yes I am. I am basically a cat. But if I have a project or goal I take it to the end. I work hard for my possibilities without stressing myself, but if there's something that need to be finished, I do it. I know that to do anything you have to study first and that's what I do. I study to do everything. I believe that, because my social problems, I need to be teached even the basic things. It's weird, but it's my plain to go on. I am a very organized person and I do it for every aspects of my life.

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- themermaidwriter.