Hello, Potterheads! I'm here with Harry Potter challenge. If you are a Potterhead too, try it with me! Enjoy this article and let me know if you like it! xx

× Which house do you belong to?
- Gryffindor

Superthumb gryffindor aesthetic gold
¤ a Gryffindor would die for you ¤

× What is your Patronus?
- Cat

cat and cute image
¤ loving and caring, adventurous, smart and intelligent, sleepy ¤

× Who is your favourite female character(s)?
- Minerva McGonagall

harry potter cat Superthumb broom

- Bellatrix Lestrange

Superthumb bellatrix green brunette

- Molly Weasley

arthur arthur Superthumb family

- Luna Lovegood

book harry potter evanna lynch harry potter

- Narcissa Malfoy

draco malfoy harry potter draco malfoy book

× Who is your favourite male character(s)?
- Fred and George Weasley

Fred family book harry potter

- Rubeus Hagrid

fall forest Superthumb birthday

× Which female character(s) do you hate the most?
- Dolores Umbridge

dolores cat harry potter aesthetic

× Which male character(s) do you hate the most?
- Peter Pettigrew

Image by larksings

- Filch

Superthumb Superthumb harry potter

× Which part made you cry the most?

- Sirius's death

harry potter, sirius black, and bellatrix lestrange image

- Dobby's death

harry potter, dobby, and luna lovegood image

- Hermione's spell "Obliviate"

hermione granger and obliviate image

× Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, or Invisibility Cloak?

- Invisibility Cloak

deathly hallows Superthumb

× What's your wand?
- Birch wand with Phoenix Feather Core
- length 11 3/4
- hard flexibility

tattoo, harry potter, and magic image

× What's your favourite subject?
- Care of magical creatures

emma watson book

× Which spell(s) would you like to do in real life?
- Avada Kedavra

harry potter, avada kedavra, and spell image

- Lumos

lumos, harry potter, and light image

- Expecto Patronum

harry potter, expecto patronum, and spell image

- Alohomora

door and light image

- Reparo

aesthetic, beasts, and fantastic image

- Imperio

imperio, harry potter, and control image

× Which Ilvermorny house do you belong to?
- Wampus

america, slytherin, and hufflepuff image

Have a great day, Potterheads! <3