Hey, guys!

I´m back again with another article.
I´m super excited to write this one because I am going to tell you about my favorite travels!

I love traveling and my family travels almost every year, so I´ve been to some cool places in my life.
Here´s a list of my favorite places that I think you should really travel to:


Image removed Image removed japan, lantern, and street image street, asia, and japan image

When I was ten years old me and my dad went to Japan for ten days. It´s one of my absolute favorite travels and I will never forget it!
We didn´t just visit Tokyo, but we also visited a really small town that I sadly don´t remember the name of. We stayed in that town for a few days and I got to see how Japan is like outside of the life we see on TV. We also went to Disneyland and Disney Sea!

I really recommend going to Japan!


sherlock holmes, vintage, and london image bus, vintage, and london image london, city, and Big Ben image city, london, and street image

Me and my family went to London for a week and I absolutely fell in love with the city! If I were to move away from Sweden I would definitely move to England. I´m actually going on a trip by myself (a language trip or whatever it´s called in English?) to Oxford in England this summer, for three weeks.

If you haven´t been to London, I really recommend it!


travel, venice, and city image italy, travel, and venezia image travel, street, and beautiful image italy, travel, and venice image

My family and my grandparents went to Venice for a week. I was way younger and unfortunately, I don´t remember that much. But I do remember how amazing the city was. The roads of water, the old houses...I would love to go back!

It´s a magical city and you should definitely add it to your bucket list.


beautiful, sopot, and dark image beautiful, Sopot, and summer image photo, Sopot, and instagram image Poland, travel, and architecture image
The house at the bottom right, I remember it so well!

A couple of years ago my family and some of our friends went to Poland, Sopot together. I had so much fun there!
I actually went on google maps a few minutes ago and I recognized everything!


paris, travel, and city image girl, paris, and vintage image beautiful, france, and paris image beautiful, chic, and classy image

A couple of years ago me and my family went to Paris for a week, and it was amazing! I really, really would like to go back there someday! It´s so beautiful!

You really do have to add this one to your bucket list!

That´s it!
I´m thinking about doing an article about all of my travels, and an article on my travel bucket list. Would that be a good idea?

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