Hey guys today's article is about bullying as a kid growing up experiencing bullying i was that kid with ginger hair that nobody liked i ate my dinner in the toilets most days and was never confident,but guess what? that girl is the most confident girl now and walks past people who used to bully me and guess what? they say hello and haven't got that power anymore.We need to teach our kids to stop bullying.

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That girl in your class ,
she laughs
she has a smile that lights up
an entire room

that girl in your class
she has great grades ,
she doesn't even have to try.

that girl in your class,
she has seemingly amazing friends
who care about her.

that girl in your class ,
has scars;
lines marking her body
and her friends that dont notice
and some that dont care

that girl in your class,
doesn't remember what its like to not cry.
she cries herself to sleep
every night.

but hey,she smiles.
so shes okay.

My advise dont worry or waste your thoughts on people who make you feel small because they are not going to matter ,they will end up with nothing and have to start over ,they have self issues with themselves
sadly maybe something is going on at home or just dont like or love themselves

dear ,bully please read this and think the next time you type or use words karma will come around ,educate yourself watch the movie a girl like her,or 13 reasons why on Netflix

i hope this has helped someone at least one person you are beautiful and honestly its hard because you are young but confidence comes with age you are enough be yourself .

Kelly Ann xoxo