hello, sweet hearters.
my first one is:
dua lipa - IDGF

dua lipa image Lyrics image gif, lipa, and idgaf image
video and anne-marie image Image by a n a aurora, repercussions, and gif image new album, i cant breathe, and burning bridges image
2: Anne Marie - heavy 3: Camila Cabello - never be the same 4: bea miller - repercussions 5: bea miller - I can't breathe
halsey, lauren, and lauren jauregui image music, pop, and rock image black and white, curly hair, and fashion image aesthetic, artist, and music image
6: dua lipa - garden 7: Halsey - strangers ft Lauren 8: hey violet - like lovers do 9: pink - whatever you want 10: Lorde - hard feelings

thank you for reading!