Hi guys, i made this with my boyfriend next to me and he looked at me like why are you doing this lol. Anyway here's the second day post of my 30 day writing challenge!

1. My boyfriend

couple, love, and hug image couple, hand, and Relationship image Image by Divine Queen aesthetic, couple, and kissing image

2. Food

food, sushi, and drink image donuts, food, and chocolate image glasses, green, and drinks image nutella, girl, and tumblr image

3, Tea

tea, autumn, and fall image book, coffee, and tea image

4. Pride & Prejudice

beauty, pretty, and blonde image book, blue, and ravenclaw image

5. Music

bmth, band, and bring me the horizon image kellin quinn, sleeping with sirens, and sws image our last night, trevor wentworth, and matt wentworth image Image by arzu

6. Sex

Image by Intricate Syndacate

7. Shopping

beige, Bershka, and store image Image by SLIVERS OF ELEGANCE Image by vogueistic fashion, outfit, and style image

8. Travelling

coffee, city, and travel image Image by ♛Princess♛ Image by ♛Princess♛ aesthetic, city, and beige image

9. Cuddles

love, couple, and hug image aesthetic, frases, and photografy image

10. Poems

Image by Aleja Diaz art, frases, and quotes image love, quotes, and you image Image by Ιρίσα

Lots of love,