Hi everybody!
This is my first article, so please be patient with me if I'm not too good at writing. I'm 22 and I'm Italian! And that's enough to get to know me for now.

In this period of my life I have a big big problem: the management of time!
I fell like I have no time for anything! I wake up early, I have breakfast, I check my emails and messages, I start studying (I'm at university) and it's already time to start cooking lunch! I eat lunch and then I get ready to go to work (I'm a babysitter). Finished my work I go back home, I feed my dog, walk with her and it's again already time to prepare dinner! After dinner I like to relax watching a movie or reading!

This is my normal day but during the week I have to deal with other "activities" like boyscouting, pole gym, cleaning the house and do the laundry, going out with friends and spend some time with my boyfriend!!

Time is never enough to do everything I would like to do in a day and in my life!

I read lots of interesting articles that talk about time management but I haven't found a solution for me yet!
If you know how to help me please comment or send me a private message!

Sorry for being boring and
Thank you all for reading