Hi, guys!
Well, it's a simple story, but it's very important to me.
When I was in 1st grade, my classmates hated me. I don't really know why, maybe cause I believed in magic. Anyway, I felt awful every day. I felt, if I may say so, fake happiness every time I tried to smile or to laugh.My only salvation was in the books... But my classmates bullied me for it, and slowly I stopped to go to the school activities and started to fear other people.

And this went on for 4 years... Then I found out about Demi Lovato. She was my idol, to be fair. I liked her songs, her style and words she told about bullying. But I understood that she can't help me with her songs about love.

So, one day I read interview with her and she said Paramore is her favourite band. I still felt sad at that time, but when I listened to Paramore I thought 'These guys know what life is'

From that moment I was listening to Paramore almost every day. And slowly I felt the changes in me - I felt the happiness and found that I love myself and my life.

And later, when I registered on the Paramorefans.com, I found there a good friend (and it was really, really amazing!).

So, I'm grateful for Paramore - they literally pulled me out of my sadness and despair. They inspire me every day, and that's great!

Well, it was my true story) Hope you didn`t fall asleep while you were reading it :)