I think this tag is so so good for the first article. So Hi everyone! I`m 20 years old. My net name is Merry! So let`s start!


fashion, pink, and style image amazing, beautiful, and colorful image girl, hair, and smile image kendall jenner, model, and beauty image
I have brown hair from birth but now I`m in love with my bluuuue hair


Image by Abeer Salim sex and the city, quotes, and carrie image new girl, sing, and zooey deschanel image fabulous, quotes, and little miss sunshine image
I think I can describe myself as half bitch half sweet and awkward duuuuh


art, drawing, and hand image we heart it, neon, and pink image vaporwave, aesthetic, and music image bath and theme image
So I`m obsessed with lettering (btw it`s my work on the first pic). The second thing is obviously WHI cause I spend half of the day here. No need to explain music is life. And a bath is a place where I spend another half of my day lol


college, graduate, and before i die image Image removed Image removed coachella, girl, and festival image
I`m so so waiting for the day I finish my college and be freeeee. Visit Norway and Coachella. And I want to have my own Magazine (but don`t know where to start :( Help me please guys)


new girl, funny, and schmidt image oregon, summer, and gravity falls image Image by MashaZ gif, JAKe, and pb and j image
New girl/ Gravity falls/ Kyss meg for faen I helvete/ Adventure Time


LOTR image Image by MashaZ
The Lord of the Ring/ 20 thousand leagues under the water/ and I really love Dostoevskiy


selena gomez, dress, and outfit image jessie j, quote, and who you are image ben howard and music image demi lovato image
Selena Gomez/ Jessie J/ Ben Howard/ Demi Lovato


food, healthy, and lunch image bananas image Temporarily removed food, pizza, and cheese image
As I am a vegetarian I FUCKING ADORE fruit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bananas are my life love!! And unfortunately I`m a vegetarian for everything but cheese


dark, gif, and selena gomez image black, demi lovato, and w&b image fashion, luanna perez, and lua p image Image by migta
Selena Gomez is my world and Queen/ Demi Lovato is my life/ Lua P is my style icon/ Sonya Esman is someone I would gratefully follow

Thank you guys who came to the end of the article. I hope you enjoyed it and I`m really grateful for you all! Enjoy your life and share it with the world. See you next time! <3

xoxo Merry