Today I will talk about the 5 things that makes me happy right now.

1. My cat. Every time I see him I feel really lucky and grateful. I remember that every day before having him I would say out loud "I want a cat", a few months later my step father came with a cat because he felt touched because this little kitty was the only one that let someone pet him and looked like he needed a family, so he rescued him. Now Zeus is 1-year-old, healthy and happy.

cats, Zeus, and zeusthegodofcats image

2. Drawing. It makes me forget about life for a while. It makes me feel free and happy.

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3. Music. It makes me happy, and it keeps my mind busy because I always have to sing along and if I don´t know the lyrics I have to learn them.

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4. Giving long walks. I feel everytime I spend time alone or just walking I start thinking about life, and this is how some of my articles come alive.

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5. Travelling. I love travelling because I get to know new places and new faces. I love learning this way. Experience is the best way to learn.

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I hope you liked my article, what are the things that makes you happy right now? - Alison G.