i woke up this morning... thanks God:))

i was in a pretty positive mood...

i got dressed for school... i thought I looked cute lol

i got to school... and for the first time in a long time, i wasn't thinking about him!!
it had been three days since he left me on read, but last night (after a long rant to my brother) i came to the conclusion that if he didn't text back it had to be for a damn good reason.
i had gotten so used to seeing his name on my screen and i really missed him

i took my phone out of my pocket to turn off...

four messeges

he finally responded

he said he was really sorry, and that he'd been overwhelmed with a load of schoolwork

i understand that he's trying his very hardest to reach his goals right now.

...he has to.

so of course, i forgive him... im just glad to know he's alive... right??