We all trying to be a good student, but sometimes it's really hard. There are some tips, that may help you to be straight A's student!

Pay attention in class

Listen to what your teacher's saying. It's really important. Try to memorise the most important things. Don't chat with your friends! If it's hard for you to pay attention just start a voice memos on your phone and leave it in your bag. You can listen to a lesson after you get home.

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Take notes! Make sure you can read what you wrote. Mark all important things with colourful highlighter.

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Ask question

Always ask question in class. Your teacher will memorise you and he/she will know that your trying your best in school. It can improve your grades.

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My favourite apps for learning:

  • Doulingo - it's very fun way to learn lots of languages ( spanish, french, german, chinese, japanese, korean, italian, portuguese, dutch, irish, danish, swedish, turkish, esperanto, norwegian, ukrainian, russian, polish, welsh, hebrew, vietnamese, hungarian, greek, swahili, romanian)
  • Quizlet - it's really fun way to learn any subject you want. You just make cards and you can play with it, write tests and other stuff.
  • Camscanner - I like to keep all my important notes in my phone, this app helps me so much
  • Timepage - It'll help you to be organized.
  • Photomath - some people use it to cheat on tests, but I use if I don't understand something in math. It'll explain you how to do a math problem.
  • There are some pages on google, where an online teacher are doing a lesson. I use if I don't understand something and tbh it really helps.
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if you're doing your homework, turn on airplane mode, then nobody could text you and you're not going to be distracted.

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If you can - study at home. When you're back from school read you notes and try to memorise important things.

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Get a good night sleep. You won't be tired in the next morning

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Hope these tips will help you!
Thank you for reading <3

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