Article that inspired me:

1. Style

girl, fashion, and grunge image fashion, grunge, and indie image dress, fashion, and model image fashion, sandals, and flat image
I love a lot of different styles.

2. Colors

aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image alternative, bambi, and yellow image Drake, drinks, and party image grunge, dark, and black image
I find pink,yellow,red,and black a very beautiful.

3. Hobbies

disney, food, and breakfast image sailor moon, anime, and pink image rugrats, cartoon, and tommy image anime image
I'm usually on my laptop or phones on YouTube or watching TV shows. I'm also a big fan of eating and sleeping, but if i'm not doing anything, I'll start listing to music!

4. Animals

animal, yorkshire, and cute image horse and cute image animals, nature, and Koala image art and painting image
Australian silky terrier, White horse, Koala, Gold fish are my top animals.

5. Drinks

aesthetic, coke, and drinks image food, girl, and good image boba, brown, and sweet image tea image
Sprite. Jumex (a Mexican juice). Bobo tea, thai tea, and green tea are my top!

6. Foods

food, pizza, and burger image alfredo, recipe, and clicca image Image by Private User Chicken, egg, and garlic image
Hamburgers, hotdogs, Pizza, Fries, Tacos, Miso soup, and Alfredo fettuccine.

7. Personality

friends, grunge, and night image funny, laugh, and the simpsons image friends, chandler, and relax image quotes, movie, and awkward image
I love having fun/laughing and relaxing/chilling. I care about people but I'm really awkward.

8. Goals

college, school, and study image asia, japanese, and korean image baby, family, and heart image beautiful, happiness, and positive image
I wanna finish school, travel around the world, have puppies and make people happy.

9. TV Shows

stranger things, finn wolfhard, and netflix image Image by Private User maia mitchell, cierra ramirez, and the fosters image will estes, vanessa ray, and jamie reagan image
Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, The fosters, and Blue bloods are just a few,

10. Movies

couple, movie, and scott pilgrim image movie, The Breakfast Club, and 80s image 16 candles image movie, austin powers, and beyoncé image
Scott pilgrim vs the world, The breakfast club, sixteen candles, Austin Powers,