hey its me skylar ....ill tell you abut my love story
maybe u can help me to find solutions together
well ..... he is too good guy for me , i love him for real , he changes me to good person .....i dunn maybe u will say that im selfish but i was afraid to lose ....anyway i had alot f problems frst my dad left the house .. i dnt know the reason till now .... i was too sad then my mom started to punish me without reasons ..she wanted to talk to him but i really was afraid cause when she is mad ughhhh XD she changes to other persn .... i didnt want to show him my weakness ... i really didnt want to do that so i broke with him many times but in the end i was in dprsn i really wanted to talk to him ...i wanted him to be with me so i told him everything ....he just said go and let me and u can burn in this fire alone ... he told me that he wanna a be in real rlsp not a fake one with fake feelings but i dont know i cant blv how he can forget all the time we spent together .....i really want him to back .... i knw i hurted him alot but im really sorry