We all have hard times-you miss someone, you broke up with someone, you disappointed someone,... When we have hard times, we think that everything is against us and that everyone have a better life than we do, but it's not true. There are people that have more and bigger problems than we do, we just don't know that while we are going through a hard time.

I have hard times too. And here I will describe one to you so you will know you're not alone.

It happened 2 years ago on november 10 2015. It was Tuesday and I was learning Science. It was between 5 and 6 p.m. I remember my grandpa came from hospital and he talked with my mom. later she came to my room in tears I knew something's wrong with my grandma (6 days before that she had to go to hospital). She told me my grandma passed away very early in the morning. I started crying and screaming that I want her back (she was and she still is my favourite person in the world). I didn't eat that day and I locked myself in my room, where I was crying all night (my mom was probably afraid I will fall into depression). next day I had to go to school, because my mom thought it will be a good distraction for me. but she was wrong. all day I was thinking about my grandma, where she is now, if it hurted her when she died,... 4 days latter we had a funeral for her. I couldn't stop crying until I came back home.

2 years past and I still didn't get over it. but I smile and show others what they want to see-that I'm okay and it doesn't hurt me anymore. but it does-a lot. I know that probably it wouldn't hurt me so much if I would talk to someone. but ican't talk about it with my family because I need to be strong for my little brother. my mom and my grandpa.
and even when I do get over it I won't be the same happy girl like I was before she passed away. and I will always miss her-that won't change, she will always be my favorite and most inportant person in my life-because you know what they say: you don't die if you live in someone's heart.

you probably think I wrote somewhere the exact date and hour when my mom told me about my grandma, but I didn't. let me tell you that things like that isn't as easy to forget as you think it is.

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