It's a dream of mine to be able to see the world. To find new spectacular view and colourful cultures. Where I am free to do anything and everything.

South Korea

I guess the whole world already knows about Korean-pop (K-Pop). I myself am a fan (secretly) hehe. So, I really want to visit South Korea at least once. At that, I would really love if I'm able to go to my favourite band's fan meeting. Though, I need to brush up on my Korean skills if I don't want to be dazed there.

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Credit to rightful owner

I'm not gonna be specific because honestly, I don't know which place is the best. But, I totally want to go to Hangang River because there's a Korean restaurant here called Hangang kitchen and I absolutely loved them. Don't see the relevance of that? Me too.


I have a friend who thinks London is like her second home. She always talked about London. And I've watched a lot of movies taking place in London. I really like the beautiful scenes and the people seems sophisticated.

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I love their accents too!! (Credit to rightful owner)


I never dreamed of visiting Brunei until recently. I saw a show that took place in Brunei. The thing that caught my attention was the the 7-star hotel. I don't know if that's an exaggeration or if that's even possible. But the pictures really truly took my breath away.

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Can't find any pictures of the hotel.. (Credit to rightful owner)

For now, I'll just list my top three places that I'd like to visit. With that, it brings an end to my first ever article. I hope it's enjoyable to read in your free time. I'll end this article with a quote.

Travel Quote of the Day

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.”
Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

I know this article is supposed to end but I really want to explain the above quote. I saw this quote on a 2018 planner and reading it just fuels my dream to travel. I hope it's a good quote for you readers too.

Bye cool guys and pretty girls. See you in my next article, I hope!!

Cover Photo by Andrew Haimerl on Unsplash