So one of my 2018 goals is to start wearing makeup but here is the problem: there is alot of things I don't know when it comes to makeup. So here are the questions I have and feel free to message me answering the questions I do have. Now here goes nothing on the questions[these questions are based off watching beauty gurus like Jackie Ana,Cydnee Black and Patricia Bright] :

1. Can you mix powder foundation with liquid foundation?
2. What do you do if your whiteheads are poping out of your foundation?
3. What do you use if you don't have a setting spray?
4. Are you supposed to get a concealer lighter to your skin tone or close to your skin tone?
5. Do people still contour?
6. Whats better for eyebrows: A brow pencil or brow cream?
7. how do you make your eyeshadow pop if it isn't really showing?
8. How are you supposed to contour your nose?
9. How do you find the perfect nude lipstick?

And Finally number 10............

10. How to have confidence to wear a bright lip color?