AGE - 15

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BEST MOVIE - Suicide Room

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Current Time - 11:42 PM

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Drink I last had - Water

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Everyday starts with - Praying

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Favorite Song - Drug Restaurant Mistake and always KOF Tears

Grossest Memory - Can't think of one

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Height - Don't know but I'm tall

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I'm in love with - Music, Writing, KOF and Iori Yagami

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Jealous of - I don't think I'm jealous of anything

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Killed Someone - I have killed a lot of persons in my mind with no mercy, but will never do in real life

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Last Time I Cried - Umm...last night

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Middle Name - Rather not answer that

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Number of Siblings - Have 2 siblings one brother and one sister I'm the Oldest

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One Wish - I don't know I guess World Peace

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Person you last Called/Texted - ✪ 𝔸𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕖 ✪ ( @lustfultears ) She's a very cool person

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Questions You are Always Asked - What are you thinking about?...Sometimes I hate it when people ask me that

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Reasons To Smile - KOF, Anime, Video Games, Music, Skating, and Writing

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Song You Last Sang - Dadaroma – 雨のワルツ

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*Time you Woke Up*- Didn't sleep last night

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Vacation Places - I really want to go to Japan and Italy one day

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X-Rays You've Had - Never had an X-Ray

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You're Favorite Food - Chocolate, Sushi, Candy, Pizza and Cake

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Zodiac SIgn - Aries

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