The following book series have become some of my favorite books of all time. I have literally read them all more than once and love them to death. hope anyone who gives them a read enjoys!
PS: Sorry about the grammatical errors. I wrote this really late and rushed through it. Hopefully I'll fix them soon.


Throne of Glass

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can't say much about this one without spoiling it but it's about a badass heroine who is an assassin and will become much more than expected. lots of great characters and the plot is just so damn interesting. definitely worth picking up.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

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this one is about Feyre, a human who soon gets wrapped up in a world of Fey and it will complete change her life. she meets new friends and love in the journey of becoming who she is meant to be. if you pick up the first one and dislike it i suggest you power through it to get to the second. i kid you not i finished reading the second book and went back to the first page and started reading it all over again. the love stories in this series are just amazing!

The Raven Cycle

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This one is about Blue, a girl who lives with her clairvoyant mother and her mother's two best friends who share abilities as well. blue has always been told that she will cause her first love's death. one night she sees the death of a young rich boy who belongs to a select group that she stays clear of. blue ends up befriending them and they begin a quest together. has paranormal themes and the friendship stories here are just amazing! highly recommend!

All for the Game (Foxhole Court)

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This is one of the most underrated book series ever and it deserves so much more recognition. this story is about Neil Josten who is ruining away from a dark past. he ends up being signed on to an Exy college team. there he realizes the team is composed of a bunch of misfits with their own issues and has a massive rivalry with another Exy team. it includes mafia and tackles some difficult issues. i honestly love it and have read the series about a million times.

Marked Men

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i feel like this series has also greatly flown under the reader but it is so good. this is a young adult contemporary series about six different men finding love. the men as well as their love interests are super relatable and each story is different from the one before it. the first book focuses on Rule, a tattoo artist and Shaw, a med student. Shaw has loved Rule her whole life but Rule always seen her as his twin brother's girlfriend.

The Shadowhunter Chronicles

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honestly if you haven't picked up this series, what is wrong with you? there are currently three series set in the shadowhunter world and every one of them is as great as the one before it. they all connect and have great love as well as friendship stories. they are fantasy series about a race of people called shadowhunters that hunt demons. the first series centers on clary who had no idea she was part of this world until her mother gets kidnapped and she is thrown into the shadowhunter world and must become one in order to survive. *if you have watched either the movie or the show and didn't like them at all please give the books a chance. they are so much better than portrayed on the screens.

Shatter Me

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this book is set in a dystopian world where people have powers. Juliette is one of them. she was locked away by her parents after she accidently killed a toddle. but soon she is released by order of Warner, the supreme commander of sector 45 who wants to use her as a weapon. along the way she reunites with her first crush, Adam and makes new friends. i love this story and the portrayal of Warner. he has become one of my favorite male book characters. the first book can be a little tedious but the second and third book are worth powering through the fist half of the first book.

A Darker Shade of Magic

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this story is set in three different Londons. Red London prospering with magic, Gray London without magic and White London on the brink of death. the story centers around Lila, an orphaned Gray London girl who has grown up on the streets and has learned to be a great pickpocket. that quality of hers however ends her up entangled with Kell, a prince of Red London, who was adopted by the royal family for his rare ability to travel between the Londons. definitely a must read!