Despite moving into my new home for 2 months now, I still have a lot of things packed up. But today I finally unpacked my old trusty friend, my guitar. I had this guitar since I was 16, and even though I'm a horrible player, I still very much cherish the old thing. I even gave her a name, Julia. Sadly (and this is a fault of my own) after high school I just stopped playing. I felt like it wasn't a priority anymore. As time went by, I would be so preoccupied with my college studies while Julia collected dust in my closet. Well now that I have her again and that I actually have space for her in my new bedroom, I'm going to try to pick up playing again. I still remember the basics and practicing an hour a day will do wonders in the long run. I could even learn to play from Mac DeMarco songs. So yeah... reuniting with Julia was a highlight of today and maybe even the whole week: :)