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Today article will be on Sri Sri Yoga and the benefits:

Sri Sri Yoga is a practice that not only takes care of the body but the entire being in its totality |

The techniques are both gentle and powerful and allow to unite consciously the body, the breath and the mind. It teaches the practices and wisdom of yoga in a very joyful yet simple way. The practice includes yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation. It also teaches how the wisdom of yoga can be lived in our daily lives effortlessly. So instead of concepts in the mind, it becomes a part of us and wisdom in our day to day living.

The Benefits of Sri Sri Yoga
On the physical level

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The physical benefits that have been found are :

Improved muscle flexibility
Increased amplitude of motion in the joints.
Improved strength and condition of muscles and bones.
Improved body posture and alignment.
Improved digestion, circulation and immune system.
Improved functions of the brain and endocrine glands.
Prevention and relief of many physical illnesses and chronic pain.
Overall, the body is healthier, full of vitality and energy.

On the mental level

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When the mind is well, everything else is fine. That is why Sri Sri Yoga, attaches great importance to the well-being of the mind. Here are the benefits of regular yoga practice :

Greater inner peace.
Greater vigilance and clarity.
Increased ability to effectively manage stress in the short and long term.
Better concentration.
Greater self-esteem.
Less dependence on drugs and alcohol.
Increased energy and a zest for living.


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Sri Sri Yoga brings a better understanding of our Being, the Spirit within us. The consciousness of our unity with all develops and enables us to perceive the divine presence in ourselves and in others. This leads to satisfaction and an unconditional inner joy that gives meaning to our lives. Sharing this feeling of joy is done through service.

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For more information on Sri Sri yoga visit: https://www.artoflivingcanadacentre.org

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