i carefully walk downstairs to the basement, still managing to lose my breath a little. being nine months pregnant isn't easy, but sitting around doing absolutely nothing isn't my idea of fun. I'd rather be doing something around the house while i'm stuck here.

turning around, i walk to the washing machine. i turn the knob to get the hot water running and pour some lavender soap in the wash, creating some soft bubbles at the bottom of the machine. as soon as i finish dumping my cottons into the wash, i spin around a little too quickly and almost lost my balance, bumping a little into the stack of old cardboard boxes behind me.

upon closer inspection i realize the bin was my old high school memory box, long forgotten. i grab it and place it in the laundry basket as i excitedly make my way back upstairs.

going to my favorite couch, i plop down and open the box to be hit with a wave of nostalgia. out drifts my Mariah Carey M perfume from my die-hard Mariah days. i smile at all the old pictures, diaries, movie tickets, and whatever else was hidden in this lovely box.

one picture in particular catches my eye. as soon as i pick up the polaroid of myself and my husband's first date at the beach; i swear i can almost smell the salty water's mist.

a different smile takes over my face this time, one that's taken back to one of the best days of my life. the date had been absolutely awful, the floodgates had opened up and it rained down on us as we were stuck in a gasless Jeep- we both had fevers the next day. regardless of the awful circumstances, God definitely had some magic in the works because we had the best conversations i've had in my life. we really got to know each other in car and i keep that day very close to my heart.

i'm pulled out of my state of dazed reflection by the sensation of a warm liquid trickle down my pajama pant leg. i guess you could say the rest was history.

topic: the best day of her/his/your life

lollll future tyler here (a year and a couple months) & I literally never mentioned that these are CREATIVE writing prompts I think so oop-

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