Hello, Hearters!

Since I really like fictional characters, I decided to make this article to show the characters that I identify with.
If you want to make an article like mine, let me know so I can see yours.


anime, game, and heroine image anime and heroine image amnesia image amnesia, anime, and shin image
I think it's like Amnesia's Heroine, bc she always wears cute dresses and accessories, like hats and hairbands.


girl, anime, and art image 90s, anime, and asuka image 90s, anime, and eva image Abusive image
I think my hair is like Asuka's, but without the bangs. However, the length is the same, and I commonly use the hairstyle she wears in the anime.


orange, takamiya naho, and naho takamiya image anime girl, orange, and naho takamiya image anime, orange, and anime girl image orange, anime, and couple image
Naho Takamiya from Orange, is a shy character but at the same time caring and concerned about her friends and the person she loves. She is also delicate, and I identify with her a lot.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!

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