magnolia \ girl

flowers, hand, and magnolia image
- i've always really liked the nickname maggie but i hate all of the regular lengthening of it, so i thought magnolia was suer cute :))

nathanial \ boy

abs, actor, and blonde image
- i really like the name nate, and i dare you to name an unattractive nate

sage \ girl

girl and sage tullis image
i found okaysage on instagram like last year and i really like her name,, i also really like the thought of naming people after spices and herbs :)

vincent \ boy & girl

art, painting, and artist image
- as strange as it may be on first glance, if you think about it long enough the name can actually work for both genders, and i like it for both so doesn't matter whether i have a boy or a girl they're being names vincent !!

claude \ boy & girl

art, monet, and painting image
- as well as vincent, if you think about it long enough it works. i also just really love art omg

ringo \ boy

the beatles, beatles, and rose image
- all my friends hate it and think that the kid will get bullied, but if bullying is still a thing when i'm raising a child i will cry a lot.

beverly \ girl

it, sophia lillis, and it2017 image
- i rly like the nickname bev, and i love the thought of resurfacing old fashioned names :))

agnes \ girl

despicable me, agnes, and funny image
- how cute is the name aggie, thanks to my girl lilla for introducing me to this name !!

vader \ girl

my girl and Macaulay Culkin image
- i am in love with the movie my girl, but all mt friends say that the kid will always be related to darth vader and that makes me sadddd

latimar \ boy
- the name of someone who helped invent the tv. only problem is my brother had a friend with this as a last name and that might be strange

philo \ boy

lies, grunge, and tv image
- he invented the tv and i would like to name my child after someone that did something to change the world, that would be inspiring

indira \ girl

indira gandhi image
- the first female president of india, enough said

emmeline \ girl

figure skating, korea, and yuna kim image
- pretty sure she's a famous french figure skater, and i am secretly in love with figure skating i watch it all the time :))

alright then kiddos, until next time xx