Hey guys, so I wanted to do the this is me challenge but only except for my best friend. So this is my best friend. Hope you enjoy!!!


nirvana, rock, and band image fashion, outfit, and style image outfit, autumn, and converse image Image removed


aesthetic, milk, and drink image black and grunge image theme, rp, and plants image bianco, milk, and white image


dog and animals image aliens, funny, and space image air freshener, believe, and bigfoot image monster and yeti image


alien, grunge, and ufo image daredevil and Marvel image clue, Tim Curry, and movie image moulin rouge, paris, and vintage image


sarcasm, star wars, and funny image anime, fuck, and people image ignorance, the x-files, and scully image x-files image aesthetic, pins, and quotes image chill, theories, and aesthetic image


camera, photography, and white image art, aesthetic, and grunge image book, coffee, and autumn image coffee, book, and happiness image


bts, jungkook, and taehyung image aliens, green, and retro image anastasia, liebe, and melody image music image