so, I dedicate this article to my beautiful, special and loved virtual friend who is 100% fluent in french rayssa

R • rajah

aesthetic, peach, and ombre image aesthetic, sky, and clouds image peach, theme, and fruit image peach, aesthetic, and orange image
os pêssegos são propositais, sim

A • aquamarine

purple, aesthetic, and grunge image glasses, green, and sunglasses image Image by Natalie green, light, and wild image

Y • yellow

aesthetic, grunge, and clothes image cats, yellow, and princess cheeto image city, stairs, and steps image outfit and fashion image
muito criativo, eu sei

S • shampoo

pink, building, and pastel image pink, girl, and hair image pink, aesthetic, and grunge image pink, aesthetic, and plants image

S • sky blue

Image removed Image removed art, blue, and boy image Image removed

A • asparagus

green, lockscreen, and pastel image eyes, makeup, and eye image green tea, pastel colors, and pink image aesthetic, green, and grunge image