How I do my makeup:
-I dont wear primer or moisturizer (probably that's why my skin is sooooooo f*cking ugly)
1. I start by having a really clean face
2. I first apply concealer under my eyes, in my cheeks, forehead and chin.
3.I apply foundation in my whole face, and apply a little in my jawline to blend with my neck
4.Set my whole face with compact powder
5.I then apply loose translucent powder to bake under my eyes
6.I then start to do my brows, usually i would do it with a brow pencil. I start by sketching the lower area of my brow, then the upper area and then i fill them
7.Then I proceed to do my eyeshadow
8.After i finish my eyeshadow y take the powder off (the one I used for baking)
9.I then do contour
10. And I end up by adding blush highlighter and lipstick (I usually dont use setting spray)