These are one of my favorite songs..just like the other articles, this tells a bit about me. So let’s get to it!


So this song I found through Spotify and since I love Julia Michaels (artist/singer of this song). I decided to randomly click on it. The first time I listened to it I was impressed...again, like I am with every other song I find interest to. I later found out it was apart of the Fifty Shades of Freed soundtrack so I was like... ok I have no idea why this is on the playlist but once agin I haven’t watched the movie so..

Anyways this song is called...

Heaven-Julia Michaels
It speaks to me haha.

black and white, all caps, and christian grey image


bad boys, handcuffs, and heaven image


You can skip this one if you don’t speak creole
But the again you don’t have to skip it just cause you don’t know the language
I mean about a million people didn’t speak the language of despacito (slowly) yet they rocked to it

This one is called Yon Fwal Ye (only one time)
It’s a Haitian song but I love the beat. I understand it but you might not?! Which is why this is personally my song type I guess you can call it..
There’s no pics on this but you can research it and check it out!


This one is a friend zone type and I love it cause all the boys at my school..let’s just say they’ll turn heads when volleyball players pass by..and I’m talkin the female ones
So this is out to all the boys at my school hahahaha!!

This is..
FRIENDS- Marshmello & Anne-Marie

This is so freakin good!
Just listenin to yourself

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Ok so this one is with marshmello..again
But this one is also with Khalid and it’s called silence
So I found this while scrolling through YouTube ( I find a ton of stuff while scrolling through social media).

And once again you’ll just have to find out for yourself..
But here are some lyrics..

alone, silence, and mello image Lyrics, quotes, and silence image boy, girl, and Lyrics image aesthetic, alternative, and black image


This one is called
Walk On Water-Eminem ft. Beyoncé

This one is about how Eminem went through his career and how it’s like’s not like he’s retiring or anything but it’s just about how life’s been goin ever since he started his career
And of course Beyoncé sings the chorus.
It’s just amazing. It ties all together so well!

beyonce knowles, eminem, and walk on water image concert, eminem, and walk on water image


This song is a Ariana Grande song
Yea yea I’m an ari fan so what?!
It’s not a crime is it?

Anyways this is
Quit- Cashmere Cat & Ariana Grande
This song brings me tears..I can’t even explain how good this song is
I just wanna drive with the windows down and my head out while blasting this song and just enjoying the moment you know.

quit, quotes, and ariana grande image quit, wallpaper, and ariana grande image


Number 7 is a very special number not only to the world but to me. I was born on the 7th of October so ima make this one an amazing choice
This is by one of my favorite youtubers. His name is Scotty Sire and he’s pretty new at writing songs. He’s only got 4 songs but I like em so far. Pretty good for his first few ones and you can already tell by listening to him of what his style is like in music. So this my folks is

Sad Song- Scotty Sire

the gabbie show, liza koshy, and david dobrik image scotty sire, toddy smith, and davids vlogs image boys, youtube, and vine image scotty sire, david dobrik, and zane hijazi image
Also check out the gang David Dobriks gang, just go on his YouTube channel it’s amazing!


This one is
Jolene- Dolly Parton

I recommend the slow version of this song cause I feel like it more organized in a slower version. I found out about this song through scrolling so I hope you enjoy it. Plus it was quite a while ago tho (1974 to be prescise)

song image jolene and dollyparton image


Mr.Brightside-The Killers
This song is from a rock band and it’s about heartbreak.
That’s all I’m tellin you the rest is history

the killers, mr brightside, and music image kiss, the killers, and quote image


Copycat-Billie Eilish

This song is a very..sassy song I guess you could call it. It’s very bossy and fierce. I am very impressed with Billie Eilish for writing this song cause it’s just so...
I have no idea how to explain it?!
But this song is very dangerously constagious
Gosh so many grammar mistakes my lord!
Anyways.. (that’s just my favorite word today isn’t it)

alternative, rose, and aesthetic image billie eilish and billie image

And that was my top 10 songs.... I guess you guys never really got taste in the style of music. This is all in different genres but all in category of my personality. Hope you liked it!

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