Even though i'm young i still have goals in my life and i have a lot of goals. They might change but these are my goals for right now.

1) Get involved in my school paper

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iv'e always been interested in journalism and writing and wanted to get into it more

2) Ace all of my classes and have a 4.0 Gpa till my senior year in high school

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I want to get and keep really good grades so i can get into a good college

3) Be valedictorian at graduation

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Its an amazing accomplishment and i want to do and i would be the only one of my siblings to be a valedictorian

4) Get into my dream college

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Ive been wanting to go NYU sense I was 11

5) Study journalism and american literature

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6) Become a successful journalist

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I've wanted to become a journalist sense i was little

I know im going to have more goals and dreams when i get older but for right know these are mine.