Of course every road is different for everyone but I'm here to tell you mi experience.. hope you enjoy it and if you've been going through the same thing let me tell you it always gets better.!

My life has been normal, educated with the knowledge of all values of life. Never been on drugs, alcohol, etc; still i met people who were into that world and it made me realize how lucky I am for being so "simple" with that I mean I've never been with anxiety for getting a cigarette or being stressed out cuz' my mom could find the drugs behind my bed.

High school was the journey I used to see in movies, girls flirting with boys and boys cheating on girls, gossiping and many more things. It was huge for someone who studied with the same people for more than 3 years in a row.

I didn't learn to survive but to adapt myself to that environment. At first it seemed normal but the last year I saw how toxic people can be. I thought i could manage to get out there without any trouble but you know that if you play with fire you'll get burn well.. I leaved that place in flames 😅 not because I got enemies but because I knew myself and i knew that from that one moment i wouldn't let anyone play with my mind again.

Not all was bad, I met the love of my life and earned such good friends I went through a bunch of good/bad experiences that taught me so much and made me a different person in the good way! (I used to be so so so shy that in my first exposition I couldn't say a freaking word i just cried because of the stress and nerves I had with people staring at me; thanks God my actual boyfriend didn't saw me😂). So now I always think things get better even if you don't see it in that moment give it some time and maaaaaan you'll just feel so good!. Keep on trying, make mistakes and just let the dots connect all by themselves. Stay focused, stay strong!

And this is it for you guys is not much but I just really want to try this, to tell you stories with my thoughts and feelings right there of course i wont be specific with everything but I think at least someone will understand or feel related.

Thank you for reading and have a nice life folks!