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I believe to be a multi-passionate girl...

I am constantly feeling paralyzed when it comes to my decision in what I should focus on. I feel cursed. Cursed that I can’t decide which career to pursue. Cursed that I can’t set my foot down and say “enough”. Cursed that I “don't have it figured out” as the man says. At the age of 26, people will say that I need to have it figured, that my life has have to started by now. It isn’t, so what Im I doing? Why am I wasting time. Truth is, I’m not. What have i been doing then? Working two to three jobs, going to school, and still trying to figure out what I want to do. Being multi-passionate has brought me nothing but struggle and headaches.

At least this is how I used to see it.

I have been a girl of many interest. A girl of many dreams. A multi-passionate girl. And forcing myself to choose one passion would mean I would have to abandon the other. I would feel incomplete, i would feel regret. In this day and age, well, that's what I have to do...right? With some reflection, and meditation, I come to the realization that, first, no one will ever have there life figured out. Yes, we have goals to pursue, we have needs that must be met, but when you stop and think about it, do you think these people really have it figured out? Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. We don't know what will happen between point A to point B in our life. The best we can do is stay on course and live our life to the fullest. Set goals and pursue dreams, just don’t be discouraged in plans have to change because life gets in the way.
Secondly, just because I am multi passionate doesn’t mean i don’t have my life figured out. It’s not a curse, but a blessing. I have choices, i have opportunities. Many people don’t have a choice, not one. I can be many things, many professions.
So what about my career?

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The question of my life. Multi-passionate means multi-career opportunities. You can explore what you love. Dedicate yourself to one thing for awhile, then switch it up. Explore various jobs. Want to work multiple jobs? Go for it. I've handled multiple jobs before. It was tiring and boring I'll be honest, but when I think it about, I was working where I felt safe. I didn't go out there to pursue my passions and get jobs in those areas. Once I pursues my passions and got jobs in the areas of interest, I LOVED it. Yes, it takes its tole, and sometimes your working non-stop for certain periods. But I never got bored at that point. One I was working jobs I loved, jobs I was passionate about. Second, my job never got bored cause I was keeping busy with different things everyday, I was spicing it up. If you are a working type of person, like me, and need to keep busy, working multiple jobs is an option. Pursue a multi-professional.

Maybe you might not be the multi-job kind person, but your still multi-passionate. You want that one focused full-time but still want to pursue you other passions in life. Try volunteering! The great thing about it, is you set your hours. You can volunteer at multiple places that strike your interest. You can continue to still stretch that horizon.

The amazing thing about being multi-passionate is that your life is like a mosaic. With everything your pursue, whatever passion you decide to invest in, earns you a puzzle piece. And as you put it all together, the ending is beautiful. Your life is made wonderful.
Pursue your passions. They are what make you, you. Let a multi-profession define you. Be a write, be a stylist, be a teacher, be a all of them if you want too. First and foremost you have to be wise. A job is a job and you need one to stabilize you, to help provide you with the financing you need. You do what you got to multi-professional!