i dont seem to be any interesting person but i should make more virtual friends and i like to talk about myself and this shitty life :)
here we go
Age: 16
Best Movie: i dont know for sure but, i love Grease so much
Current time: 9:53 PM
Drink I had last: water
Everyday starts with: checking my phone (ordinarily, there is nothing good or even new)
Favorite song: ive no idea
Grossest memory: when i broke my foot
Height: 5'4''
I'm in love with: animals, nature, my familly and friends
Jealous of: lucky people, in all aspects
Killed someone: i thinks it depends on the situation but i really cant hurt a fly
Last time I cried: 10 minutes ago
Middle name: silva (poor brazilians name)
Number of siblings: 0
One wish: found the thing i wanna do for the rest of my life
Person you last texted/called: my best friend
Questions you're always asking: why?
Reasons to smile: cats and dogs
Song you last sang: save that shit - lil peep :(
Time you woke up: around 6:30
Vacation places: beach, any beach
Worst habit :smoke
X-rays you've had: i have a back issue and this makes me go to xray every fucking year, but i also break my foot and i cant really remember any other now
Zodiac sign: taurus

if u read all, ily